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​Numerous workshops are included in a Concordia School Paris education. In addition to learning theory, we believe that children need to become “doers” and to know how to undertake concrete projects.


When a child is faced with a concrete problem, his or her concentration and memory increase. We propose numerous activities that illustrate different aspects of the academic programme.



Concordia School Paris offers students the possibility of following the programme of LAMDA, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.  From the age of six, children learn to speak in public and to recite and read texts. If the parents wish, each level can be validated by a certificate from our LAMDA-accredited teachers.


YOGA CLASSES (from “Petite Section”)

Taught by certified yoga teachers, yoga helps children to control their emotions, to relax and to become aware of their bodies and their environment. 



CHESS (from “CP”)

Taught by a former professional player, chess offers children numerous benefits. In addition to developing concentration, chess helps increase memory, anticipation and strategic thinking.


MUSIC LESSONS (from “Petite Section”)

Singing is a fun way of learning a language and discovering a culture. Our students sing English and American nursery rhymes and songs. This stimulates their memory and helps with group coherence, which in turn facilitates exchanges between the children. The children also discover numerous instruments.

GARDENING LESSONS (from “Petite Section”)

In this workshop, the children observe nature changing with the seasons.  They plant, water and harvest.  This activity also helps them learn about nutrition, familiarising them with seasonal fruits and vegetables.


COOKING LESSONS  (from “Petite Section”)

This activity introduces children to the basics of cooking and helps them discover different cultures via their cuisines. The children can bring home the food that they cook. These workshops also allow them to tackle mathematical problems in a concrete way. Finally, as with gardening lessons, the key principles of nutrition will be addressed in order to encourage the children to have a healthy and balanced diet.



In these workshops, children learn the techniques of public speaking and debating. At each workshop a debate is organised on a fun theme. The children have to find good arguments to defend their position.

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