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Our History

For nearly 15 years I worked with entrepreneurs, elected officials, senior civil servants, and academics, all of whom were driven by a desire to transform the world. I also wanted to make my concrete contribution, bringing to reality an idea that had been close to my heart for a long time. Indeed, as a French national married to an Englishman and the mother of three bilingual children raised in two cultures, I have seen first-hand the immense benefits of a bilingual and bicultural education and wished to offer a new educational pathway offering the best of the French and English educational systems. 

Thus, I created Concordia School Paris: a school open to the world, totally bilingual, where the children evolve naturally in two languages but also in two cultures. A school based on methodologies imported from all over the world, to allow the children to benefit from the most interesting pedagogical innovations. A school that meets the standards of the world's great capitals in the heart of Paris.

I asked Harriet Phillimore (UK), who had a long background in education, and Randi Goring (USA), a lawyer and polyglot, to join me in creating an international and multi-disciplinary team of exceptional French and English teachers, psychologists, and education professionals. We travelled to identify the most innovative pedagogies and to meet principals and educators from all over the world. We were then able to construct a school that matched our vision.

We have developed a unique pedagogical project combining a rigorous academic program following the French and English national education curricula. Our objective is to transmit to the children a real desire to learn, which is the key to bringing them to the best academic level; while developing fundamental transversal skills: creativity, leadership, independence, critical thinking, the art of public speaking, and the ability to work in a group. 

Together we have designed a school to best prepare children for the future in an open, global, and multicultural world.

Aurore Grierson

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