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Our Approach

A unique programme following both French and English National Education curricula.



At Concordia School Paris, our goal is to help every child excel. We follow the programme of both the French and English national education curricula, using modernised methods.


Academic learning at Concordia is predicated on a demanding yet benevolent pedagogy aimed at giving our children solid fundamentals.


Through small classes, we respond to the unique needs of each child by creating individualised learning paths.


We create a stimulating and joyful environment to facilitate learning and to impassion our children in their approach towards life-long education.



We want our children to acquire transversal skills essential to their lives as children, then teenagers and finally adults. The development of autonomy, self-confidence, creativity, curiosity, benevolence and teamwork are integrated into our approach.


We want our children to develop intellectual agility, analytical ability and sharp critical thinking skills. We encourage them to reason, debate, innovate, and explore.


We spend afternoons on sports and workshops to further illustrate the academic teachings and develop these skills.




Our pedagogical approach is articulated around the values ​​that we wish to impart to our children, transmitted through everyday life at school.  


We cultivate independence, integrity, enthusiasm and team spirit.


We want our children to put their ideas into action, to approach challenges without hesitation, to be engaged and to fully commit to their undertakings.

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