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Our Values

Strong values to help our children become socially active and responsible adults

Our educational programme is centered around the values we wish to transmit to our children, imparted through daily school life.



Confidence is essential to succeed in life. We want our children to believe in their capabilities and to develop their own talents. We want them to express themselves without fear and to make their own judgements. In reflecting on both successes and failures in a positive manner, our teachers encourage all children to do their best.



We encourage our children to lead by example, to be ready to stand up for an ideal that they feel is right, to earn the respect and trust of their peers, to gather support for their goals.


All our children are encouraged to think “out-of-the-box” and follow the path less travelled.  


Honesty and integrity form an integral part of our children’s behaviour. We expect them to be fair and impartial and to make the right choice, even when nobody is watching.




We want our children to be courteous, considerate and respectful, and to pay attention to others and to their environment. We encourage them to use the correct form of address, to hold doors open, to listen to others, and more.



We encourage our children to treat people the way they expect to be treated, to respect themselves, other children, the teachers and their parents.



We want our children to embrace challenges, to engage in new endeavours and to fully realize their potential.

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