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Middle School Programme

The best of an English education, integrated into the French curriculum

Concordia Collège welcomes children from the French 6ème through 3ème. 

The middle school years, as indicated by their name, fall between elementary school, in which children learn to adjust to the school routine, and high school, in which pupils are expected to sit national examinations that determine their future. However, more than just the “middle years”, these four years of schooling represent an important period with profound changes for young adolescents: physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

With a steady stream of information, images, and messages about the world around them via social media and other, middle schoolers need solid reference points and a strong academic foundation in order to make sense of the complex world. They need to continue to develop autonomy, socialisation, and responsibility.


Concordia Collège has designed an ambitious programme for its pupils that draws on both French and English school cultures to employ the best-adapted teaching practices from both systems. Our goal is to help our children succeed. This means not only in terms of academic achievement, but to help them develop their personalities and talents and to equip them for a changing, open, and complex world.

Concordia prepares its pupils for the French Brevet des Collèges (international option) and for the French Baccalaureat.  Approximately 55% of class time is in French, and 45% in English. Pupils may choose a third language in 6th grade. 


Aim high! As one of our five Golden Rules at Concordia Collège, this value is ingrained in our fundamental belief that all pupils are capable of achieving high academic standards. Thanks to small class sizes (maximum 20 children per class), we ensure close and personal attention for each pupil. We advocate an active pedagogy, notably through Project Based Learning. This approach consists of learning through concrete -and cross-curricular- projects that encourage collaborative work, autonomy, and problem-solving.


Our pupils develop key cross-curricular skills that impact all areas of growth, first as young adolescents but also into adulthood. Our children learn to work in groups, to speak in public, to put their ideas into action, to take on challenges, and to commit themselves fully to their projects. We encourage them to reason, debate, innovate, and explore. Through workshops, the children work on oral expression and debate techniques. 


Our pupils learn to become responsible citizens, ready to engage in causes that are important to them. We want them to make a positive contribution to society. With a multi-national school population, our pupils are immersed in an environment open to the wider world and its cultures. 

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