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Dr. Edwige Antier is a paediatrician who is highly-regarded for her considerable experience, as well as her books on parenting. As a Member of Parliament for Paris in 2010, she proposed "abolishing corporal punishment of children". This proposed law sparked debate and finally campaigns that have changed attitudes towards education across France. Edwige has been practising clinical paediatrics for a period spanning more than two generations, training child-focused professionals. She advocates for positive education, knowledge of the neuroscientific progress, respect for the child's development and optimising his or her cognitive skills.

Edwige has two children.




Entrepreneur and artist, Chloé has a profound interest in the impact of an artistic education on the development of children’s creativity and curiosity.

Chloé has 4 children.



English teacher, Former member of the Comité stratégique des langues

Elizabeth is a Franco-American English teacher who prepares students for entrance examinations to ENA and the “grandes écoles” of France.  She is a former member of the Comité stratégique des langues, which was created by the Ministry of National Education (2011-2012) to improve the English level of French schoolchildren. In addition, Elizabeth instituted a home schooling program for her own children, based on a pedagogical approach that encourages intellectual curiosity and personal development.

Elizabeth has 2 children.



Randi came to France over 10 years ago from New York via Germany and Japan. She studied at Columbia College (Columbia University), Tokyo Metropolitan University and Columbia Law School, before practicing as a lawyer in cross-border real estate financing for a number of years. Randi is involved in several non-profit organizations and served for 2 years as the president of Message, a community of English-speaking families in the Ile-de-France. She loves languages (speaks fluent German, Japanese, French and English) and works on translations in her spare time. 




Jean-Philippe, who is French, co-founded the investment fund HLD in 2004. After graduating from HEC, Jean-Philippe started his career in 1994 at JP Morgan, where he worked in the M&A department in Paris, London and New York. Since 2004, he has developed HLD by investing in non-listed SMEs.

Jean-Philippe has 2 children.



Project Manager

Aurore begain her career in in the finance sector upon completing business school. She then spent 5 years at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, before moving into communications in the political sphere. Now the mother of 3 bilingual children who regularly travels back and forth to the UK, Aurore found inspriation in the English model of schooling. She entered the education sector full-time in 2017, emarking on an ambitious benchmarking project of bilingual schools throughout Europe before spearheading the creation of Concordia School Paris.

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Expert in Education

A former principal of Saint Louis de Gonzague Elementary School (Franklin) and administrator of Espérance Banlieues, Viviane has worked throughout her career to implement effective pedagogical practices, emphasizing excellence in teaching while encouraging children to bloom in their own manner.

Viviane has 6 children.