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Theatre Class

To gain self-confidenceand discover English culture.

At Concordia School Paris, we place a significant emphasis on theater, as a component of our educational offerings. Our curriculum includes theater both during school hours and as part of our extracurricular programs, reflecting our belief in the transformative power of the performing arts.

Concordia School Paris' theater program is meticulously designed to equip children with critical educational skills—such as confidence, communication, cultural awareness, stress management, and goal achievement—that are fundamental for success in school and beyond.




We offer theater courses that align with the esteemed curriculum of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), a globally recognised standard for excellence in drama and performance.

As an official private LAMDA center, Concordia School Paris offers a unique opportunity for children to engage deeply with the dramatic arts. Participating in theater has profound benefits:


Building Confidence and Public Speaking Skills: Theater participation directly enhances public speaking abilities and builds confidence. Children learn to project their voices, articulate their words, and present themselves with assurance in front of an audience. 

Developing Language and Communication Skills: Engaging in theater demands a deep dive into script analysis, character development, and expressive performance, which naturally enriches students' vocabulary and improves their ability to communicate complex ideas effectively. 

Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence: Theater arts provide a unique avenue for emotional expression and coping with stress. This emotional outlet is vital for mental health and develops their emotional intelligence, aiding in both personal growth and interpersonal relationships.


Achievement and Goal Setting: Preparing for LAMDA exams and theatrical performances teaches children the value of setting goals, working diligently towards them, and achieving recognized standards of excellence. This process instills a sense of accomplishment and prepares them for future challenges in academic and professional endeavors.

Exclusive Workshops for Diverse Interests: Our workshops offer specialised focus areas in Acting, Communication, and Musical Theater, ensuring that each children finds a niche that resonates with their interests. This diversity encourages engagement and continuous learning, vital for a well-rounded education.

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