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Little House of Science

Have fun discovering science through experiments!

This workshop is open to students enrolled at Concordia and to the general public.



Children are naturally curious and from an early age wonder about how the world and the objects around them work.


Concordia School Paris offers fun-filled workshops to familiarise children with the surrounding scientific phenomena that intrigue them.


From new technologies to mathematics, mechanics and chemistry (STEM), these scientific workshops cover a variety of subjects in the form of fun experiments; through these experiments, children can see the practical utility of mathematics and science.


For the 2021/2022 academic year, your child will learn algorithmic logic, binary code and the fundamental functions, loops and variables through our partnership with Digit'Owl. 


With us they will programme robots, learn binary code by manipulating pixel boards, make music with a cardboard battery and microprocessor, construct a city of the future with autonomous robots... and more!  


Children under 8 years old will be taught without being in front of a screen.

This workshop is offered exclusively in English.

Three workshops from 16h15 to 17h15:

- Thursdays for GS and CP children (beginner)

- Fridays for CE1 and CE2 children (beginner+)

- Mondays for CM1/CM2 children (intermediate)


800€ /year

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