Our clubs 

A wide range of extracurricular Everyday until 18:00 and every Wednesdays;

From 4 to 10 years old

We offer a lot of exciting activities for the children:

- After school

All the children can stay at school to play, to discover, to work and have fun everyday until 18:00;


- On Wednesdays

We have half day or full day programmes.


Our workshops in English are offered to children from 4 to 10 years old, both to students enrolled at Concordia Bilingual School and to children from other schools.


Wednesday, 11h30-12h30 (CP to CM2 years old)

Children learn to sing and perform songs in English from musicals and films of all different styles, accompanied on the piano. The class begins with vocal warm-ups to learn the basics of vocal technique, and then the children will learn a varied
repertoire of songs, using gestures and movement to express the emotions of what they are singing. The children can also prepare for an optional LAMDA qualification in Musical Theatre.

Fees : 1070 € per year



Thursday, 16h45 to 17h45  (CP to CM2)

Given the success of last year's Acting Class, culminating in a LAMDA Verse and Prose exam, Hillary and Harriet will be continuing this year with theatre games, improvisations and acting skills. Additionally, children will prepare for a LAMDA Acting and/or Verse and Prose exam, to be given in November and/or June (dates to be confirmed). These will be solo exams, comprising of one or two monologues (depending on level) or one or two poems/prose followed by questions asked by the examiner on technique and knowledge of their chosen pieces. In the Spring term the group will work together on a piece of theatre that will be performed for the whole school (and the actors' parents).
This is an excellent opportunity for children to work on their confidence and their performance and public speaking skills.

Fees : 1070 € per year



Monday, 16h15 to 17h15 (CM1/CM2), Tuesday, 16h15 to 17h15 (GS/CP), Wednesday, 13h30 to 14h30 (CE1/CE2)

Concordia School Paris is pleased to offer fun-filled workshops to familiarize children with coding  through our partnership with Digit'Owl. Children who participated last year will advance a level.
From new technologies to mathematics, mechanics and chemistry (STEM), these scientific workshops cover a variety of subjects in the form of fun experiments, through which children can see the practical utility of mathematics and science.For the 2020 to 2021 academic year, your child will learn algorithmic logic, binary code and the fundamental functions, loops and variables. They will program robots, learn binary code by manipulating pixel boards, make music with a cardboard battery and microprocessor, construct a city of the future with autonomous robots... and more!  


Fees : 800 per year


Wednesday, 12h30 to 15h30 (GS to CM2)


One afternoon per week, our children will be immersed in an English-speaking environment and be  offered English instruction through arts and crafts, history of art and, of course, reading and writing for older children. We want our children to be totally engaged, which means exploring, creating, moving and having fun…while learning English!

Fees : 1425 € per year.



Wednesday, 9h00-15h30 or 12h30 to 15h30 (PS/MS/GS) 

One day/afternoon per week, our children will be immersed in an English-speaking environment led by native English-speaking teachers. We offer English instruction through numerous activities, including arts and crafts, cooking and gardening. We want our
children to be fully engaged during our programme, which means exploring, creating, moving and having fun…while learning English.  

Fees :

Full Day : 1950 € per year

Half Day: 1425€ per year



Friday, 16h30 to 17h30 (starting in January) (CE2 to CM2)

Create your own restaurant! Launch a frozen yogurt shop! If your child is full of new ideas and looking to channel an entrepreneurial spirit, this is the class for him/her! Over the course of 10 classes (until the end of April), your child will create his/her own business project, analyse the competition and the best way to determine their competitive edge, draft the formal
business plan and bring the business to life, with the goal at the end of the class to sell their
project! The teacher is a young and dynamic student and young entrepreneur.

Fees : 320 € per 10 sessions


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